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Receipt Books, Invoices, Dockets and Forms


Malaga Print & Copy’s range of carbonless forms, books, purchase order books, delivery docket books, reciept books, business stationery and tax invoice books can be personalised to suit the individual needs of your company. We custom design and make easy-to-use, business forms to ensure customers are left with the impression of a professional and well organised company. Choose from two to five ply coloured books, include numbering and perforating to your needs.

Carbonless Books at Malaga Print & Copy

Carbonless (NCR) Books and Forms Keep a written record of all your business activities by using personalised business stationery. Customise your forms and books with single, duplicate or triplicate copies, double or single sided, perforation and binding holes, A4 or A5 sizing, a range of binding and covering options, customised sequential numbering of invoices. As well including all your business details with a professional design, recreation or changes to existing digital artwork (PDF).

Manuals, Handouts, Workbooks and Information Booklets Malaga Print & Copy offers a range of print solutions to suit your needs when it comes to printing more complex manuals and documents. We can produce more complex custom documents with separators, inserted booklets, perforated pages, inside covers, carbonless forms notes and folding pages in a range of sizes. We can also assemble your documents in a professionally bound and fi nished to your specifications; in a folder, ring bound files, hard and soft covers or simple wire or plastic binding.

Take 5 Books and Manuals

Take 5 Books Hard wearing pocket sized folders with personalised pads and information. We cater to all clients, and offer generic Take 5 books or fully customised books to meet your specific needs.

Pre-Start Books We can produce pre-start books we have to ability to customise all books to specifi c requirements, whilst also offering generic books.

Safety Tags Our range of water proof, tear-resistant warning and safety tags cover all applications in the work place.


Malaga Print and Copy operates alongside established WA finishing company S & F Finishing.

We provide a range of finishing services to suit your documents:

S + F Finishing Services

Spot Varnish Used for highlighting and texture, spot varnishing is a special effect applied to specific areas of a printed piece. It is most commonly used on business cards, packaging and folders.
Embossing Bringing a three-dimensional aspect to printed material, embossing can be used on almost any paper-based stationery to add interest and texture. It often features on business cards and letterheads.
Folding The way a brochure is folded can affect the way it is received. We offer folding options that range from large volume machine-based folding to intricate hand-folded custom jobs.
Numbering We can sequentially number documents.
Creasing and Scoring We can ensurs the sharpest possible fold is achieved. Creasing or folding is often used for birthday and Christmas cards, folders and books.
Stapling Whether it’s a simple staple on the top left-hand corner of a printed document or an elaborate catalogue requiring the use of a saddle stapler we can help with all your stapling needs.
Hole Punching From twin holes in the left-hand margin of a document to drilled holes in a folder, we have the flexibility to hole punch just about any stationery you require.
Booklet-Making We can assist with booklet-making; including printing, collating, trimming and stapling. We also offer binding services.
Cutting and Trimming From large posters and banners to smaller custom items, Malaga Print & Copy are able to cut and trim paper to any size you require.
Die-Cutting Used to create cut-outs or slits in printed materials, die-cutting can add a unique edge to invitations, business cards or brochures.
Perforating Necessary for items requiring a tear-away section, perforating is commonly used in catalogues, flyers or newsletters featuring special offers or vouchers. Customers can keep the rest of the publication even after the perforated piece has been removed.
Collating For large documents, collating can be a time-consuming process often resulting in papercuts, confusion and upside-down pages. We can take care of your collating, even binding or stapling your project for you as well.
• Padding Ideal for a variety of different stationery, including order forms and invoices, padding can be customised to suit your specific needs.


Malaga Print & Copy offers a range of binding services to suit your needs. Choose from Wire Binding and Plastic Comb Binding, or if you are unsure, we can recommend a binding method suited to your document by our knowledgeable and down to earth staff.

Wire and Plastic BindingSaddle Stitch Binding


Protect your documents with a smooth plastic coating and minimise damage from handling and moisture. Perfect for price lists, menus, and certificates. We can laminate a range of documents from business card size to A0 size.




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